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Hello, my name is Nichole I'm a Christian that has been able to overcome the frustrations of having an unfulfilled prayer life and I want to ask you a question-


Do you feel frustrated with your prayer life?


Do you want to spend time in prayer?


You love the Lord and want to have a deeper relationship with Him?


If That's You, I Have Created This Free Printable Prayer Journal Just For You!  

You may wonder, what is the point of having a prayer journal?... I will give you 3 reasons.


1. It will motivate you to pray regularly. By logging each day that you pray in your journal, it shows the last time that you took the time to pray.


 2. It's like writing a letter to the Lord, the same way you would write a letter to a loved one. This brings about a deeper and closer relationship with God, as you pour out your heart's desires.


 3. Reflection. Having your prayers written down gives you a perfect view of what prayers the Lord has answered. Sometimes, we pray for things and don't realize that the prayer was answered and we don't take the time to thank God for it. When you take a look at what you were praying for and see that your prayers were answered, it builds your faith and increases your thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. 


Printable Prayer Journal – This 4-page beautiful printable prayer journal includes a daily prayer journal page, a page for your prayers, and a notes page. The cover page includes a scripture that will uplift and build your faith every time you use this journal. Since this is a printable prayer journal you can print these pages over and over again and organize them in a binder. ($10 Value)


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