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Rosemarie's Heart gives you a Godly perspective on life using the Bible!


Our Values

We are all important to God!

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Rosemarie’s Heart inspires believers to develop a deeper relationship with God by building up their faith through the Word of God. Empowering them to live their lives as overcomers and victorious through Christ Jesus!

As a believer that has overcome many obstacles, I know that it is possible to live a victorious life no matter what the enemy sends our way.

Vision Statement

Rosemarie’s Heart aspires to be the resource that believers will use when they need to be uplifted, need to see God in their situation, and need a Godly perspective on life.

Our Values

Rosemarie’s Heart believes that we are all important to God and that He created us for a purpose…God loves us. Through prayer, reading, obeying, studying, and meditating on the Word of God we can begin to grow in our relationship with Him. Trust Him and have faith, that is what pleases Him.


Our Values

God created us for a purpose!

Bible Study & Spiritual Growth Blog

Reconnect with God

Learn how to walk in obedience to God and His word.

Discover who you are in Christ!

Your identity is linked to the confidence that you have in God.

Bible Study on Ruth

4 characteristics that I learned while studying Ruth in the Bible.

How to pray the Word of God

I give you 3 secrets that will help you to learn how to pray the Bible. 

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